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Welcome to my Blog,   सैरनामा  Sairnama !!!
    मुसाफ़िर हूँ यारों, बातों में जिक्र राहों का...
                   I am a Travel Blogger/ Writer/ Photographer and Columnist. I explore many new and unfamiliar areas of India . One interesting thing about me , " My curious mind is responsible for Who I am today." I have traveled and explored many places."

      I love traveling in rural area of India because I want to know real civilization and different culture of Indians. have written many Travelogues and Blogs which are published in many Newspapers &  Magazines of India. Prashant Shah Vella, here Vella is my Pen Name.   
                    I have always three Question words in my mind when I am not sleeping, these words are What, Why & How and this is all about my curious mind. If you follow theses things of mind when I am sure you will become a great Searcher and you will create something new, so Live your Passion it will alive you.  I am also writing a book, which is collection of my travel writing and my travel experiences. My travel book's raw name is Sairnama.


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